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An indoor skydive at iFLY Queenstown is your opportunity to soar.

No matter your age or your level of skydiving experience, this is a moment like no other. And we’ve got a range of prices and packages to suit every flyer. 

  • Kickstart (2 Flights)

    From $129 per person

    • 2 minutes
    • 2 flights
    • 1 flyer

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  • Premium Pack (4 Flights)

    From $179.00 per person

    BEST VALUE Premium…

    • 4 minutes
    • 4 flights
    • 1 flyer

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  • Airborne (4 Flights)

    From $169.00 per person

    • 4 minutes
    • 4 flights
    • 1 flyer

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  • Friends & Family Pack (8 flights)

    From $399.00 per pack

    • 8 minutes
    • 8 flights
    • 4 flyers

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  • Private Group (16 Flights)

    From $799.00 per pack

    Share the time with your friends &…

    • 16 minutes
    • 16 flights
    • 8 flyers

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  • Even better than the real thing

    But seriously, this is great fun; absolutely amazing. If you've never sky-dived before but want to, this is as close as you'll get to the real thing.

    New Zealand

  • Great feeling like you can fly and straight forward to get the hang of. Good for all ages.

    This was quick and easy to hover. I recommend it for anyone who wants a fun afternoon with friends or family.

    Sydney, Australia

  • Amazing family experience

    7 year old absolutely loved it. From the time we got there till the time we left, everyone was amazing. Flight instructor fantastic with kids. Highly recommended.

    Travelling Mum

  • Addictive activity. Awesome staff.

    I went there just to see and I ended up flying and coming back three days in a row. The activity is really addictive and the staff is super friendly.

    Enrique C
    Elche, Spain

  • Unique and unforgettable

    Friendly and very helpful staff. Kids loooooovveeeddd it. This is A MUST when in Queenstown. Highly recommend


  • Sooo cool

    What an amazing experience!! I’m in a wheelchair and was able to do it thanks to the friendly awesome and helpful staff and amazing instructor who made me feel so comfortable! I highly recommend this to EVERYONE!!! Was sooo fun you’ll need to do it!Thanks sooo much iFLY team and instructor who helped me! You guys rock!


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Myth: Skydiving is a solo activity 🪂 
Fact: iFLY is way more fun with friends and family cheering you on! 
Luckily, our giant wind tunnel gives your squad a front-row seat to watch you fly high and show off your skills 🤩 

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How can you experience Hawaii’s crystal-clear waters, soak up the golden rays of the Southern California coast, or soar over the snowy Swiss Alps without needing a passport? 
It’s simple – visit iFLY, pop on a flight suit, strap on a set of VR goggles and you’re all set! 
Experience the exhilaration of a simulated ‘real’ skydive from a plane, overlooking some of the world’s most spectacular landscapes. It really is ‘out of this world’ 🌏🪂

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Meet Beth, Akiko & Amber - our new addition to team iFLY 👏🏼🤙🏼🚀

These 3 legends have recently joined team iFLY bringing some epic skills to our awesome squad. They’ve also been training hard every day to be signed off as our new set of instructors 🦸🏻 Pop in and say hi and if you’re interested to see what work goes into becoming a wind tunnel instructor, come by and you might be able to witness some of the work these guys are doing! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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Did you know, you can score $10 off at @queenstownicebar after flying with us? 😍 

Reach new heights then come back down to Earth and chill out with a refreshing cocktail 🧊🍹

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Happy Chinese New Year from iFLY Queenstown – 新年好 🎉🏮
In many ways, flying with us is like discovering your inner Dragon – embracing your ambitious and courageous side, and soaring to success.
The Dragon thrives on challenges, pushing boundaries and overcoming obstacles – the same mantra we have here at iFLY. 🐉
Wishing you a year filled with good fortune, prosperity, and the joy of reaching new heights with your loved ones.
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So stoked to see @maioro take flight with us – we’re seriously impressed by his flying skills 🙌 

At iFLY, we’re all about breaking down walls and helping everyone to discover the freedom of flight. Being a wheelchair user was no barrier here, Maioro was able to enjoy an adrenaline hit that was both exhilarating and therapeutic. 
Maioro said: “Oliver and Sveta were very easy to communicate with about the many questions I wanted to ask. They were understanding and nothing seemed an issue for them about my disability when we were preparing to fly which made me feel really relaxed about flying”. 

Ka pai e hoa! 🙌 

#iflyqueenstown #queenstownnz #indoorskydiving #accessibletourism #wheelchairusersofinstagram #overcomingboundaries #newexperiences #success #tenacity #ifly
When the beat drops and the wind tunnel becomes the dance floor! 🕺🪩

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Find your superhero moment these school holidays – you’ve got a week to go before the classroom starts calling!

Hands up if iFLY is on your holiday wishlist 🙋‍♂️

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Beat the heat and stay cool this summer – we’ve got a giant fan that’s calling your name! 🪂

Feel the wind in your sails and come chill with us on Brecon Street 👉 www.iflynz.co.nz 

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