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Help and FAQs

Help & FAQs

Let us help make your dreams of flight a reality. We have collected together answers to common questions that should help you choose a package and plan your visit.  If you have already booked then please see our pre-flight FAQs.

If you need anything else then please contact us 
No. Once you have made your reservation, you have paid for the complete adventure. However, we offer several extras that you can buy the same day. Customers ask us why we do not include some extras in our offers and that's a good question. The concern is that if we included extras, the price would go up for everyone, including those who just want to fly. However, if you want additional photos, videos, free falls or our Fly Up (vertical take off), you can add them on the day.

The locker to drop your stuff is free. But we recommend that you leave your valuables at home.
For more information on extras contact us.

The High Flight(or vertical take off) is a bit like being the passenger of a race car. Some instructors can give you the experience of the sensation of falling like a professional. They will hold you and spiral you up and down at high speed, if and only if you wish. iFLY would like to be able to offer the High Flight Up in all sessions but it depends on the level of training and experience required for the instructors and we cannot guarantee it.

Considering that indoor freefall is an exciting sport, we encourage you to learn to fly by yourself rather than being assisted by your instructor. That's why the High Flight remains an extra.

The instructors who can offer you the High Flight are part of the elite. Many rigorous training hours are required before graduating * to be allowed to do this with a client. If your instructor has the skills and can improve your experience, he will offer you the High Flight. If you have any questions, contact us, we will be happy to answer all your questions.
 * The right to do High Flight are awarded by an independent body called the IBA (International Bodyflight Association).

Strangely nobody wonders how long a skydive lasts, unlike the wind tunnel flight. We offer you the same feeling of free fall as during a parachute jump for one and a half times longer. Each free fall lasts 1 minute, often longer but never less than 50 seconds. A session like a kick-start therefore lasts 2 minutes. Remember that we offer you the exhilarating opportunity to fly, which cannot be measured in time !
It may seem short but believe us once in the wind tunnel it will seem much longer.

No, you can breathe normally, no need for an oxygen mask. Relax and breathe.
Even if you have breathing difficulties such as asthma do not worry, most of the time everything will be fine. If you need more information or want advice do not hesitate to contact us.
During your flight session, the wind tunnel driver can use a flash to take pictures of you.
This should not bother you, either during your flight nor as a spectator. Contact us before arriving if you want to warn us of certain conditions like epilepsy or convulsions. We may be able to adapt for you.
It's easy :
               - Comfortable clothes (jeans and t-shirt will be perfect)
               - Sports shoes with laces
               - Bring an elastic band if you have long hair

We have many groups offers to best meet your requests !

Whether you want to organize the coolest birthday party, an original bachelor party, share a sensational moment with your colleagues or just have a great day with your friends, you'll have an unforgettable experience !

Prices for group offers start at $80.00 per person.

Ideal for those looking for double the sensation. This is also the formula we recommend to take full advantage of your visit to iFLY. Before the end of your fight session, you will be able to fly without being assisted by the instructor.
This formula contains twice as much flight time as the kick-start ! It is because of this that you will really begin to progress.

The Airborne package includes:
               - Equipment rental (suit, goggles and helmet)
               - A personalized briefing
               - 4 free fall equivalent to 6 plane jumps from 13.500 feet
               - A personalized fall certificate

 Special offers are available with this package from $ 84.90 per person.

iFLY does not offer refunds for any reason. However, if for some reason you know that you cannot come and fly, you can transfer your vouchers and bookings to the person of your choice. Please notify iFLY of name changes before arrival.
iFLY recreates the conditions of a jump from a plane, safely, without any prior experience and from the age of 5. Unique sensations from $99.00 per person.
It's simply our most popular offer, perfect for a first free fall experience. Most of those who come to iFLY would like to have been able to fly longer but this package is ideal for an initiation.

The kick-start package includes:
               - Equipment rental (suit, goggles and helmet)
               - A personalized briefing
               - 2 sensational free fall equivalent to 3 plane jumps from 13.500 feet
               - A personalized flight certificate

 Unique sensations from $99.00.

Once you have booked, we can neither cancel nor refund the voucher. However, we offer you other interesting alternatives. (Please refer to the previous point ‘Can I re-schedule my booking ?’)

To book at iFLY Queenstown, you must pay the full amount at the time of booking. We do have options for payments to be invoiced if you are booking a group. We accept all major credit cards.
We accept most credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard.
We can fly anyone who is reasonably fit, from 5 years old, weighing less than 117kg and as long as we can provide you a helmet and a suit in your size.
The time of your arrival at iFLY is indicated in your confirmation e-mail once you have completed your reservation.
If you have not booked yet, we must warn you that as any commercial flight you MUST arrive and check in BEFORE THE TIME OF YOUR FLIGHT. You must arrive at iFLY AT LEAST 45 MINS BEFORE THE TIME OF YOUR FLIGHT.
If you have booked a flight at 4pm, you must arrive there at 3.15pm. Please do not be late, we would be sorry to see you miss your flight as no refund can be made. If you have already booked and are not sure of the time or place of your appointment, please refer to the confirmation email received after your reservation.

First, we ask all our customers to complete a declaration of risk statement before they arrive. It is especially important that you are aware of the risks regarding dislocated shoulders.
If you booked your flight with one of our partners and not at iFLY Queenstown, we ask you to bring with you the original voucher from the partner company.
Please arrive at iFLY wearing comfortable clothes (avoid collars and hoodies) and bring a pair of sneakers/trainers.
From experience, the best attire is jeans, a t-shirt and sports shoes. If you do not have shoes with laces, we will lend you some.
If you have long hair, bring a hair elastic (no plastic or metal clips) to tie your hair up with and possibly a hairbrush.
We have lockers on site; however, we recommend that you leave any valuables at home. Be prepared to remove any jewellery and accessories before the flight.

You can buy an iFLY voucher on our website, in our shops or with one of our partners.
All our gift voucher are designed to be used directly online.
From our online booking centre, you can even activate several coupons in a row by clicking on ‘I have another coupon’ after entering the code of the first coupon.
If you start using a gift voucher online and you do not complete the procedure, you will have to wait 20 minutes before starting again.
Please note that if you purchased your gift voucher from one of our partners, we will need to bring the original copy the day of your flight.
It is your responsibility to choose a valid date before the expiration date of your voucher.

Monday to Sunday - 9AM - 8PM

All our Kickstarts can be booked using our online reservation center. You can book or buy a gift voucher. 
If you wish to have information before booking, please contact our customer service team on
Phone: 0800 435 969/ 0800 iFLY NZ Overseas phone: +64(0)3 409 0665 or email us:
Anyone reasonably fit can fly from the age of 5. If you have had neck, back or heart problems in the past, or if you have already dislocated a shoulder, you should seek advice from your doctor before flying.

 For any other questions or additional details please contact us.

Child prices are for anyone aged between 5 and 11 years old
We ask all our clients to complete a risk statement prior to their arrival and pay particular attention to the clauses concerning the dislocated shoulders. Once the form is completed, your risk statement is taken into account. Those under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian (who is over the age of 18) on the day of flight. The parent / guardian must provide a signature and attend the pre-flight briefing.
At iFLY, a group of 5 people or more can enjoy preferential rates.
Learn more about group offers.
There is no maximum group size - the more the merrier.
However, if your group has more than 12 participants, it will be divided into several sub-groups to optimize everyone's experience.
Do not worry, all our wind tunnels have an observation gallery so you can watch other members of your group flying.

We have several teams ready to answer your questions as quickly as possible.
You can contact us using the contact form on the site.

Anyone in good physical shape can fly. Our weight limit is 117 kg.
Please see the list below before booking. If you feel concerned by one of them, simply contact us and we will discuss it, we will always do our best to make you fly.

You can indoor skydive if you:
               - Do not weigh more than 115kg
               - Are not younger than 5 years old
               - Are NOT pregnant
               - Have never dislocated your shoulder
               - NOT under the influence of drugs or alcohol
               - DO NOT have a cast on.
               - Have signed parental authorization (if under 18 years old)
               - Have signed our waiver

From Monday to Sunday, times are divided between peak and off-peak hours. These hours are in conjunction with the school holidays.
We have many disabled clients and we always do our best to fly everyone, regardless of disability. It's almost always possible. However according to your handicap, we must pay you special attention. That's why we ask you to contact us first so that we can discuss your condition and find a solution to get you flying.
Even if we cannot guarantee you will be able to fly, we promise to do everything possible to help you live this unforgettable experience.
If you want to discuss your particular needs, and how we can meet them, please contact us.
People under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian (over 18) on the day of the flight. A written authorization from the parent will have to be presented at the front desk. The parent or guardian responsible must attend the training briefing.

The technology used is simple, safe and efficient. The wind tunnel recirculates air into a flight chamber. To enter the flight room, go to the door and lay on the air until you feel lifted. Congratulations you are flying !
Your instructor will help you find a stable free fall position before teaching you the basic movements. Moves such as up, down, forwards, backwards or even turning are very easy to master, so you will quickly learn new tricks.

iFLY is one of those places where dreams come true. That's right, you will learn to fly ! Get ready to be carried in a column of air that replicates the sensation of free fall ! Fun, chills and safety are waiting for you.
It’s difficult to describe how incredible flying is, so we suggest you take a look at our pictures, videos and read our recent comments to judge for yourself what a great sport flying is.

During your session, the wind tunnel driver will take pictures of you. Do not forget to smile ! All photos can be viewed immediately after your session and are available for purchase as a digital download through our terminals present on site.

Unfortunately, we cannot promise you the perfect picture. Indeed, chances are you'll move a little during your first free fall, but we'll do our best.
You can also share your photos on Facebook for free.

Here are 5 good reasons to buy one of our gift vouchers:
1. This is obviously an exceptional gift. But do not take our word for it. Read more recent comments.
2. Your gift voucher is sent instantly to your e-mail. No delivery time by mail.
3. This voucher entitles you to the equivalent of at least three jumps from a plane. It's also cheaper and we accept children.
4. Watching people fly is free. We welcome your family, your friends, your colleagues. Come film, take pictures or better yet, fly too.
5. Create your event. Our wind tunnels are great places to celebrate special occasions.