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All Abilities: Choose to fly.

Define and defy yourself.

At iFLY, we beleive the impossible is possible. We believe in encouraging people to dream big and dream often. Each and every single one of us in the world, in some way or another, is chasing a better version of ourselves.

We may chase after ourselves on one leg or two, in a wheelchair, or blindly, but we all have a desire to be someone. We all want to feel. We all want to experience.

We are all so different yet so much the same.

Flying is limitless and inclusive.

At iFLY, we're proud to empower people to soar beyond their own expectations. To make this possible for each and every single person in the world, we invite people of All Abilities to come fly.

We believe that regardless of physical or cognitive challenges, everyone should be given the opportunity to spread their wings. Anyone who comes to fly at iFLY and expresses a desire for assistance will be helped by specially trained flight instructors and will be afforded proper accommodations based on specific challenges.

We can all choose to fly.

All Abilities Flying! #inclusivetourism 

Did you know that iFLY offers all abilities flight? It's part of our focus on being an Inclusive Tourism activity provider!

What is Inclusive Tourism? It's a global movment to ensure the social participation of persons with disabilites, in travel, adventure, and cultural contribution - It starts looking at real people as they exist in all their diversity of abilities. You can read more about it here - 

iFLY is proud to hold the Making Trax GOLD seal of approval! The Gold Seal is the ultimate inclusive company. The seal indicates that the company is willing and able to provide a tailored adaptive expeiernce for different abilities when possible. 

"This is able without the help of Making Trax, as it is part of everyday operations, althought Making Trax is always there to advise. As every client & adventure is unique, the company is open to all possibilities to make their clients feel welcome, safe and included."


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