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Terms And Conditions

iFLY Indoor Skydiving Queenstown - Terms & Conditions

Terms And Conditions

iFLY Indoor Skydiving NZ Limited welcomes you to our website at (“Website”). The terms “iFLY NZ,” “we,” and “us” include iFLY Indoor Skydiving NZ Limited and its affiliates and subsidiaries. These Terms of Use are a legally binding contract between you and iFLY NZ regarding your use of the Website.

1. Business Information and Payment

a. The full legal name of iFLY NZ is iFLY Indoor Skydiving NZ Limited. The physical address of iFLY NZ’s place of business is 27 Brecon Street, Queenstown 9300. 
b. Customer service can be reached via the following methods:
i. Telephone number: 0800 435 969
ii. Email address:
c. iFLY NZ is a New Zealand business.  All prices are listed in New Zealand dollars and are inclusive of GST.  All prices are subject to change without notice.
d. The name of the business that will appear on your bank/credit card statements will be “iFLY Queenstown.”  Your account will be charged in New Zealand Dollars.
e. When a credit card is used to purchase iFLY NZ flights or other services or products, the same card must be presented on arrival at iFLY NZ. If the holder of the credit card is not present, then the customer may be asked to provide sufficient evidence from the card holder to secure the booking. 

2. Reservations

a. Your reservation time is your scheduled flight time.  All first-time flyers should arrive at least ONE HOUR BEFORE their scheduled reservation time. If you arrive later than this time, you may miss your flight time. Our schedule rarely permits the re-booking of missed appointments. 
b. Cancellation policies:  Cancellations or rescheduled reservations require a 24 hour notice prior to reservation time.  No refunds will be given for cancellations within 24 hours of the reservation time or no-shows unless otherwise specified in the terms of a particular offer.  iFLY NZ cannot be held responsible for missed reservations as a result of extenuating circumstances such as transportation, weather, nor any other reason outside of the control of iFLY NZ, nor for expenses related to scheduled reservations.
c. Upon purchase of your ticket via the website, confirmation will be emailed to you within one hours.
d. You should wear comfortable clothing that can fit beneath a jumpsuit and shoes that tie (preferably lace-up trainers).  You should bring appropriate identification. 

3. Who Can Fly

a.Flyers may be as young as five years of age. There is no upper age limit.
b. All flyers must be in good health and physical condition.
c. Pregnant individuals cannot fly. 
d. Individuals that weigh in excess of 136 kg cannot fly; individuals that weigh between 117 and 136 kg must bring this to the attention of an iFLY NZ representative as additional restrictions and instructor

scheduling limitations may apply. 
e. If you have a prior shoulder dislocation or back or neck problems you should not fly.
f. Please be advised that some individuals may be restricted from flying and that these Terms do not list all restrictions on participation.  iFLY NZ reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time.  If you have questions about whether someone can participate, please contact us at the customer service number above prior to booking. 

4. Waiver

a. All participants must sign a waiver/statement of risk before they will be permitted to engage in indoor skydiving and related activities.  This contract ensures all flyers understand the nature of the sport of body flight, and the risks involved.  Refusal to complete the waiver/statement of risk will result in the inability to participate and forfeiture of any flight purchases, which are non-refundable.  Some individuals may be restricted from flying due to information provided in the waiver/statement of risk. 
b. Access to our waiver is available on the website, and it is recommended that you complete the waiver online prior to arriving at iFLY NZ. 
c. If anyone in your group is under the age of 18, his/her parent or guardian must complete and sign the waiver.  Flyers must bring appropriate identification in order to validate their waiver. Parents/guardians of children under 18 must provide identification to validate their right to execute the waiver on behalf of the child flyer.

5. Personal Items:

a. Safety of customers, instructors, and the equipment will require all personal items be removed prior to your flights, including any and all jewelry, bags, wallets, coins, papers, tissues; in short, nothing can remain on the flyer’s person except shoes, clothing, and the supplied flight gear.
b. For the convenience of our customers, iFLY provides lockers in which personal items can be stored. iFLY will not be responsible for the loss or theft of any items on the premises, including from the lockers. All customers accept responsibility for all personal items brought into the iFLY NZ facility and are personally liable for these items at all times.  We encourage our customers to leave all items of value at home or with a trusted spectator during flight sessions.

6. Gift Vouchers: Gift Vouchers are not redeemable for cash and are not refundable. No discounts apply. ID is required upon presentation of Gift Voucher. Gift Vouchers cannot be on sold. Gift Vouchers are valid for 9 months.  Lost gift vouchers cannot be replaced or redeemed.

7. Unexpected maintenance:  iFLY NZ reserves the right to cancel flights at short notice due to unexpected maintenance, mechanical failure, unscheduled repairs, or anything outside of our control.  If such cancellation occurs, iFLY NZ will work with you to reschedule at a mutually agreeable time. 

8. Media:  Photos and videos will be taken of customers and are available for purchase at the time of your flight.  iFLY NZ reserves the right to use these photos and videos for marketing or promotional purposes. 

9. Accuracy of Pricing and Online Bookings:  We do our best to provide accurate pricing information in our advertisements, web site, quotes, and online booking system. All sales are subject to current pricing and review by management. Sales made at incorrect prices, whether fault of the customer, representative of iFLY NZ, or computer system error, will not be honored.

10. All agreements and contracts shall be subject solely to New Zealand law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the New Zealand courts.

11. Privacy Policy:  Please review the privacy policy, located here.  The Privacy Policy explains, among other things, how credit card information is protected.  The terms of the Privacy Policy are incorporated by reference into, and made part of, these Terms. 

12. iFLY NZ reserves the right to change these Terms are subject to change without notice at any time, and you agree to the current Terms and Conditions when you access the website.  Please check these Terms periodically for changes. 

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