The Growing Sport of Bodyflight

When you combine blood-pumping adrenaline with pristine technical ability and athleticism, you get bodyflight, one of the most exciting sports in the world. A massive growth of indoor skydiving locations in recent years has allowed a bodyfliers to pioneer this movement and create a not just a sport, but an incredibly broad and supportive community around it.

Advancing Your Flight Skills

The best thing about bodyflight is its inclusivity. All ages, genders, and abilities can cultivate their skill set to quickly reach a competitive level. Instructors can design a training program and pair you with a designated coach to help you progress through the different training levels. We also offer opportunities to get involved in flight training nights that allow you to meet other flyers and build your skills.
The more you fly, the better you will become. Your designated coach will help you progress faster, teach you new techniques and give you in-flight challenges to complete. Ask an instructor how you can take up bodyflight as a competitive sport!

International Bodyflight Association

The IBA is the governing board for the sport of bodyflight. Their mission is simple: “to FLY - because that’s what we love to; to do it TOGETHER - as one community so that everyone feels valued and involved; and to do it SAFELY - so that no one gets hurt.”

The IBA is typically responsible for planning and hosting worldwide bodyflight competitions, which you can compete in when you have reached a competitive level in your skill development. You can learn more about the IBA and the latest news about the sport here.