Never been indoor skydiving before, but curious what the buzz is all about? You’re in the right place! iFLY is a place where budding superheroes, adrenaline junkies, and thrillseekers unite to experience a freefall sensation like no other. Anyone aged 5-105 can step into our wind tunnel, and feel the force of a giant column of air that lifts you up and takes you to new heights. Read on to find out why iFLY is a must-do on your next Queenstown visit, and get set for a hassle-free experience with our most commonly-asked questions answered right here.

Gearing up for the big day

So you’re heading to New Zealand’s adventure capital, and ready to upsize your thrills? Fantastic news – iFLY is ready for you! There’s no prep required, other than to make sure you book in advance as our popular timeslots fill up quickly. Our team will run you through all the tips and tricks on the day – no training schedule required. Simply take your pick from our various package options – Kickstart (2 flights), Airborne (4 flights), or Liftoff (6 flights). All these packages include a thorough pre-flight warm-up, full gear rental and one-on-one instruction from start to finish.

Arriving and getting set up

The hype is building, you’ve got butterflies in your stomach – the big day is here! Chances are you’ll be feeling a mix of excitement and nerves, but don’t worry, our staff are here for you every step of the way, so you’ll be feeling at ease and enjoying that high-flying sensation in no time. Here’s our location in case you’ve forgotten – but chances are we’re just a short stroll from your inner-city hotel, otherwise there’s plenty of on-street parking on Brecon St.

Be sure to arrive half an hour before your flight time, so you can fill out our pre-flight waiver, meet your instructor, get all suited up and spend some time watching the training video and checking out other flyers. Firstly, you’ll go through an orientation alongside fellow newbies, where your instructor will cover the basics and answer any questions – then it’s time to gear up!

Come wearing comfortable activewear or casual clothes (we recommend closed-toe sports shoes with laces), and there’s no need to worry about getting changed, as you’ll be kitted out with a flight suit, helmet and googles to wear inside the tunnel. Leave jewellery, watches, and any other loose-hanging items behind in our secure lockers – as well as anything in your pockets – you won’t need those in-flight! It’s also a good idea to tie up any long hair with elastic (not a plastic or metal clip).

The experience itself

Now, you’re fit to fly! Step inside the tunnel, gently lean into the airflow and then whoosh… you’re flying! Embrace the wind, find that sweet spot on the air cushion and then feel the exhilarating rush sweep over you. Wave hello to your friends and family spectating and be sure to smile (or pull some kind of face) for the camera – our wind controller will be capturing plenty of pics of you in action! Throughout the flight, our team will be right by your side, to help with your technique as much or as little as required.

Coming back down to Earth

After experiencing the equivalent of 3 skydiving freefalls from 12,000 feet (across two flights), it’s time to come in for landing. Exit the tunnel and give a big high-five to your cheer squad, then check out the photos and videos we snapped – they’ll be available for purchase and digital download right after your flight. You’ll also be presented with a fancy certificate of completion so you can show off and brag to your mates.

Come back for round two! Either grab an extra flight on the same day at a reduced cost, or fly again on your next Queenstown trip. Perhaps next time you might be keen to try our High Flight add-on – where you’ll fly even higher – right up into the tunnel, spinning and starting to do tricks. Each time you visit, you’ll build on your skills and learn even more from our world-class instructors. But a warning – it can get addictive!

There’s no easy way to describe just how iFLY feels – flying, floating, and soaring like a superhero come close – and it’s even been likened to riding a giant hairdryer! You can check out some of our recent reviews and Instagram posts to get an idea, but there’s no substitute to the real thing – you’ll just have to experience it for yourself. Whether you’re coming from near or far, we’re so glad you’re keen to visit us at iFLY – get set to make unforgettable memories as you discover your inner superhero.