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Fly With the Best in the World.

Personal Coaching with a world-class iFLY instructor is the fastest to improve your flying skills and the most rewarding way to learn.

Coaching can be arranged directly through the tunnel at the below rates:

  • Level 1 coaching - complimentary.
  • Level 2 coaching - $2.50 a minute ($150 an hour)
  • Level 3/4 coaching - $4 a minute ($240 an hour)
Coaching from one of our IBA qualified instructors include:
  • Classroom instruction and training.
  • Debrief with flight video review and instruction.
  • Photos and videos for you to keep.
Please call us on 0800 435 969  or email us
External coaches need to be approved by the tunnel and need to have their IBA coachign rating and ensure they meet our speicifc criteria prior to arrival.  For those organising any external coaches, please ensure they meet these requirements prior to booking time.



iFLY Queenstown coaches

  • Dave Hedley
  • Matty Chong
  • Phoebe Coutts
  • Reece Delamere
  • Warren Riley
  • Rosie Dodgson
  • Ross Burbury
  • Vinnie Leyman


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