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Tourism, Business and STEM education with iFLY

Want to learn about Tourism, Business Development, Leadership, Sales & Marketing, or the science behind iFLY & S.T.E.M.? If so, this is for you!

The iFLY Queenstown Tourism, Business and S.T.E.M. Programme offers students of all levels first hand practical and current industry knowledge delivered with the flare synonymous with Adventure Tourism. Choose from our S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) Programme focused on the scientific principles of flight or our Tourism and Businesses Programme offering industry experience launching and growing a performing tourism business in a very competitive and challenging market.

Our Tourism, Business and S.T.E.M. Education Programme is highly engaging, thought provoking and bridges theory with fun practical learning. Students witness the application of theoretical principles in tourism, business and science in the heart of New Zealand’s home of adventure.


Our Tourism and Business programme allows participants to understand the growth phases of a living start-up business in a competitive tourism industry and the progression from launch to successful operation. We run an interactive session covering current and relevant topics of business and tourism in a practical learning environment.

The session is complimented with the opportunity to experience the thrill of Indoor Skydiving with a new understanding of a working adventure tourism business in the heart of the worlds adventure capital. Topics Include:

Crisis Management & Business Resilience (Thriving post COVID19)
• Tourism Fundamentals
• Fundamentals of Business Entrepreneurship
• Business Innovation & changing Economic Landscapes
• Launching a start-up tourism business
• Sales funnels and the importance of having a plan
• Marketing Innovation and Technology required for Tourism operations
• Digital Marketing & the value of being found online
• How to build a culture of success
• Securing and succeeding at interviews (Careers & Transferable Skils)
• Fear of Failure & Paths to Success
• Modern Leadership

x 2 flights per person
Proflyer demonstration from our instructors
Minimum 10 students per group (teacher is free)

Please contact us to make a booking




S.T.E.M. Lab & Q&A session
Interactive physics based water & ball demonstrations
2 flights & pro flyer demonstration
Minimum 10 students per group (teacher is free)

Our S.T.E.M. LAB includes:

1. Lecture and Demonstration
The programme begins with a lecture and discussion with iFLY S.T.E.M. educators to introduce S.T.E.M. concepts related to the wind tunnel. Students will discuss the
aerodynamic differences between solids and fluids. They will identify air as a fluid and learn that air can exert a force on objects. We will discuss the different forces at work in the wind tunnel, and how changing the shape or “frontal area” of an object will affect its speed in the wind tunnel. The programme also introduces engineering careers and how engineers use wind tunnels to test their designs.

The wind tunnel demonstration segment uses various objects such as inflatable balls to show how the “terminal velocity” (the air velocity required to “fly” the object) depends on an object’s size, shape, and weight.

2. Flight Experience
All students are given flight instruction by a certified flight instructor, including an individual flight experience in the iFLY tunnel.

3. Question & Answer Session
Covering topics discussed and demonstrated in the classroom and in the tunnel

4. Group Photo

Time for each S.T.E.M. lab depends on the size of the class and can be confirmed when booking

Please contact us to make a booking



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